W. Curtis Draper Opens New Store

W. Curtis Draper opened their new flagship store at 11:00 am on September 1st, 2011. Their new store is located at 699 15th Street NW (corner of G Street NW, across the Street from Old Ebbitt Grill). Rumor has it the owners of W. Curtis Draper were asked to leave by their prior landlord who was a not a big fan of cigar smoke in his building. Drapers was founded in in 1887 by William Curtis Draper. It is the oldest full service tobacconist in the District of Columbia and the fourth oldest in the United States. Proprietors John Anderson and Matt Krimm offer a full array of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, snus and smoking accessories (lighters, ashtrays, cutters, punches etc.,) to a national clientele. For 123 years Drapers has served all manner of patrons from, messengers and civil servants, to executives, ambassadors and occupants of a certain White House. The shop has been profiled in numerous media outlets including: Bloomberg, Cigar Aficionado, Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger and The China Daily.  Check out Drapers at www.wcurtisdraper.com.

W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist

699 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005

(202) 638-2555




c.gar loves all things cigar-related. He typically falls in love with cigars that are discontinued shortly thereafter. His first cigar was a Swisher Sweet with a wood tip. Sadly, these are still in production.

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