8 Nicaraguan Cigars You Should Be Smoking

Is Nicaragua the new Cuba for premium cigars? With many of the world’s best cigars now coming from Estelí, one could certainly make the case that it is. And for years now, most of the best cigar factories are using Nicaraguan tobacco in their blends to give them more muscle and character. Cigar Advisor, an online cigar magazine, provides cigar enthusiasts with a down-to-earth perspective on enjoying premium cigars. Their newest report titled, 8 Nicaraguan Cigars You Should Be Smoking Right Now.

This Cigar Advisor Report looks at eight Nicaraguan cigars — some newly-released, some with a little mileage on them — that are worthy of every cigar aficionado’s attention. Some are well-known and others are little known

“It seems like just about every cigar manufacturer not already in Nicaragua wants to make a Nicaraguan blended cigar,” writes Gary Korb, Executive Editor at Cigar Advisor. “To help put some of this in perspective, I took a closer look at eight cigars that I found to be exceptional on all counts.”

Among the new Nicaraguan cigars featured in the report are the Crux Classic Corona Gorda, Don Tomás Nicaragua Robusto, and Joya de Nicaragua Black Nocturno.

Jeff Haugen and Joel Rogers, co-owners of Tobacco Grove in Maple Grove, MN, are the partners behind the Crux Classic selection, made at Nestor Plasencia’s factory in Estelí. The Crux Classic Corona Gorda features Nicaraguan long-fillers rolled in a Jalapa-grown Habano wrapper. Described as medium-bodied, Korb adds: “Notes of cedar and charred oak enter the fray, while some pepper lingers on the finish…all-in-all a solid, satisfying puro that would pair nicely with a fine bourbon or single malt.”

One of the new releases from Nicaragua was the Don Tomás Nicaragua cigar selection. Blended by Augustin Garcia, this medium-full cigar is blended fillers from Condega Pueblo and Estelí plus Dominican Piloto Cubano, a Brazilian Arapiraca binder, and a shade-grown, hybrid Jalapa wrapper.

“Flavors of earth, spice, nuts, and wood prevail, balanced by sweet tobacco notes from the binder and wrapper,” writes Korb about the Robusto. “Also impressive is the affordable price.”

Korb noted that he was looking forward to the Joya de Nicaragua Black, not just because he’s a regular smoker of the Joya de Nicaragua Red cigars selection, but because he has a penchant for Mexican San Andrés wrapper that caps this new release. In describing the Joya de Nicaragua Black Nocturno, he wrote that the smoke was “exceptionally creamy with notes of leather, coffee bean, nutmeg, sweet wood, and nougat,” adding that new cigar smokers looking for a medium-bodied maduro cigar would appreciate it, as well as veteran cigar smokers seeking “a solid Nicaraguan smoke with a little less potency and pepper.”

Among the other Nicaraguan cigars mentioned in the article were the oak-barrel-aged Perdomo Double Aged Vintage Sun Grown Robusto described as “earthy and well-rounded with caramelized flavors of sweet spice, oak, toasted almonds and a note of coffee bean,” the Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Robusto, with its “crisp, earthy-spicy base and a long peppery finish,” and the Murciélago La Lune for its full-body, smoothness and “well-balanced earthy, sweet, and spicy base flavors accompanied by notes of espresso, dark chocolate, and black cherries,” with Korb adding that it reminded him of a cross between a mainline Padrón and a Padrón 1964 Anniversary.

You can buy any of the cigars by clicking the links below. (Note: Cigar Intel makes a couple of bucks from your purchase to keep this darn site running. So far, it is a losing proposition and it must be a labor of love as Smokey Butts and I are still working our real jobs!)

Asylum Lobotomy Toro

Asylum Lobotomy Toro

Oliva Baptiste Toro

Olivia Baptiste Toro
Murcielago La Lune
Murcielago La Lune 
Crux Classic Robusto
 Crux Classic Corona Gorda
Don Tomas Nicaragua Robusto
Don Tomas Nicaragua Robusto
Joya De Nicaragua Black Nocturno
 Joya de Nicaragua Black Nocturno
Perdomo Double Aged Sun Grown Robusto
Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage Sun Grown Robusto
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Robusto
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Robusto

To see the featured 8 Nicaraguan Cigars You Should Be Smoking Right Now recommendations and to review the tasting notes provided for each cigar in the Report, click Here.

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