We’ve changed Domains

Hello Fellow Herfers,

Just a quick heads up.  We’ve recently moved from National Capital Regional Cigar (NCR) to CigarIntel.com. While NCR Cigar was great for people in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland, we have bigger aspirations.

We also have a new format.  No more cigar reviews because cigar reviews are available on plenty of other sites and no one cares what two ole boys from Kansas think about cigars.  Our taste buds are damaged from all the red meat, corn, and bread anyway.

We now plan to focus on news within the cigar industry.  We have some sources deep inside the cigar industry that will allow us to provide cigar-related news before any other site or news organization.  Think dark alley meetings, the exchanging of envelopes, continually scanning for spies following us. . .

Please note, we’ll still be posting our Cigar of the Year, which is more of which cigar we smoked the most of. And we will post recommendations on cigar accessories as well. Not a review but more of a check this out.

We hope you stick around for the journey but if you’re not interested you can unsubscribe below.  Please don’t unsubscribe, we really do care about each of you.

If you find this information useful please forward it to your friends, LIKE us on “The Facebook”, or leave a comment below.

Happy Herfing,

c.Gar and Smokey Butts

Smokey Butts'

Smokey Butts'

Smokey Butts is Cool. He smokes a shit ton of cigars.

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