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Let me be clear, we are not a cigar review site.  The following list of cigars I’ve smoked for my personal use.  You see, I smoke a lot of cigars.  Maybe not by Winston Churchill standards but typical 1-2 per day during the week and 3-5 per day on the weekends.  These cigars come from various sources.  I buy a lot, c.gar and I go to a lot of cigar events, and people knowing I love cigars give them to me.

A lot of times I can’t remember what I’ve smoked, what I liked, and what just sucked.  The following list will serve as my memory.  If you find it useful great.  If not, sorry for your luck.

– Smokey Butts

Date SmokedCigar Brand and NameWebsiteSourceGradeNotes
07/20/2015Punch Rare CorojoBought on sale from JR CigarsCBased on how yellow the cello was I think these cigars have been sitting around a long time. Usually a Punch Rare Corojo would get an A but this was sucked. Draw was like sucking on a pencil.
07/20/2015JM NicaraguaPurchased from Nice Ash CigarsB
07/21/2015J. Fuego 777 Corojo ToroAtlantic CigarAThis cigar is no longer available and I hate J. Fuego for that.
07/22/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbid.comAMy favorite smoke.
07/23/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsBGreat all around smoke on the cheap.
07/25/2015Tabak Especial Corona DulceCigarbid.comALove these cigars
07/25/2015Rocky Patel DecadeCigars InternationalA
07/28/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
07/29/2015Punch Rare CorojoDon't rememberAExcellent stick.
07/31/2015Olivia OClassic Cigars in Tulsa OKBPre Alice In Chains Concert
07/31/2015Oivia OClassic Cigars in Tulsa OKB+After the Alice in Chains Concert. Rated it higher than the first one because I was a lot more drunk.
08/01/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsBSmoked after throwing away the Brick House from Cigarnival
08/02/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidAFreaking love these.
08/04/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidA72 degrees on the deck in August.
08/04/2015JM CorojoNice Ash CigarsBA good go to smoke
08/05/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidA
08/05/2015777 RoboAtlantic CigarAAlmost out, sad....
08/06/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
08/07/2015Partagas 1845 GiganteWon at CigarnivalAGreat job grabbing these nephew!
08/08/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
08/09/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigars InternationalAGreat Breakfast Cigar
08/09/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidAWith Unsweetened Tea
08/09/2015La Floridita Premium Limited EditionWon at CigarnivalAAwesome cigar. Draw is a little more work than I like but I'll live. Great job Zach.
08/14/2015Arturo Fuento Hemingway ClassicMorts Cigar BarA
08/12/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidA
08/12/2015JM CorojoNice Ash CigarsBGreat smoke for the price
08/09/2015JM SumatraBCSBOn the patio of Hooligans
08/15/2015Drew Estates UndercrownDon't RememberA
08/15/2015PDR 1878 Capa MaduroWon at CigarnivalCThis bitch is strong. Thought it was going to kill me.
08/16/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
08/17/2015Cargo by Rocky PatelDon't Remember.B
08/18/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
08/19/2015J. Fuego 777 CorojoAtlantic CigarAWhy don't they make these anymore.
08/20/2015Oliva Serie V MelanioCigars InternationalAOne of the best smokes I've ever had.
08/20/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidBFor some reason this one had a horrible draw.
08/21/2015JM Dominican SumatraVendorC
08/22/2015JM Dominican SumatraVendorCGot a cold. Good enough.
08/23/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigarbidBI prefer the lighter wrapper.

On deck 65 degrees. Weird for noon in August. Got love this El Nino
08/23/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB74 degrees on the deck. Listening to Clutch and updating LawnMowerPros DIY section.
08/25/2015JM Dominican SumatraVendorCSmoked on the deck in the dark after sporting clays.
08/26/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
08/27/2015JM Dominican SumatraVendorC
08/28/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
08/30/2015JM CorojoNice Ash CigarsB
08/30/2015Rocky Patel 1992 RoboCigars InternationalA
08/31/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidA
09/01/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
09/02/2015JM CorojoNice Ash CigarsB
09/04/ Red LabelVendor while GolfingDGreat taste but the damn thing fell apart.
09/04/2015JM DominicanVendor while GolfingC
09/04/2015JM DominicanVendor while GolfingC
09/04/2015While Owl by Alec BradleyVendor while GolfingFSucked
09/04/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsBOn the deck after golf
09/05/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidA
09/05/2015Drew Estates UndercrownCigars InternationalA
09/06/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidA
09/06/2015J. Fuego Triple 7Atlantic CigarAToo bad they stopped making these.
09/06/2015Cargo by Rocky PatelCigar BidB
09/06/2015Olivia Serie OVendorA
09/06/2015Nub CameroonCigar BidB
09/07/2015CAO Anniversary CameroonCigars InternationalBNice Light Cigar
09/07/2015CAO SopranosCigars InternationalALove these. Too bad they are discontinued.
09/07/2015CAO ExtremeCigar BidFSucked from the start and never go better. Threw it out 1/2 way through.
09/08/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
09/09/2015Punch Rare CorojoCigar some where or otherA
09/10/2015Casa MagnaCigar BidB
09/11/2015Rocky Patel 1992 not 2ndCigar Some placeA
09/13/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidAThe perfect Sunday Morning Cigar
09/13/2015Torano VaultVendorB-Started off horrible but finished very nicely.
09/13/2015A. Fuente Short StoryCigar some placeAThis is one of my favorite smokes. Thanks bro for introducing me to it.
09/14/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsBWindy as fuck on the deck today.
09/15/2015Olivia Serie OVendorA
09/16/2015Punch Rare CorojoCigars some placeA
09/17/2015Liga Privada No. 9I won at CigarfestA
09/18/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
9/19/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidA
9/19/2015Rocky Patel Edge FumasCigar BidC
09/19/2015Partagas 1845Don't RememberC
09/20/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidA
09/20/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2nd ToroCigar Bid A
09/22/2015JM CorjoNice Ash CigarsB
09/23/2015Perdomo FrescoVendorB
09/24/2015A. Fuente Hemingway ClassicNice Ash CigarsA
09/25/2015H. Upmann ReserveMorts Cigar BarB
09/25/2015Mini MortMorts Cigar BarC
09/26/2015Rocky Patel Edge SumatraNice Ash CigarsA
09/26/2015JM CorojoNice Ash CigarsB
09/26/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
09/27/2015Partagas 1845 GiganteWon at CigarnivalAFreaking awesome cigar.
09/28/2015Smokey Butts 2014Rockey Patel in HondurasBThis is one of the cigars I personally blended in Honduras while visiting the Rockey Patel Factory.
09/29/2015Gran Habano Vintage ToroCigarbidCWouldn't stay lit
09/30/2015Room 101 SACigarbidB
10/01/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/02/2015Edge Sumatra by Rocky PatelNice Ash CigarsA
10/02/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/03/2015A. Fuente Hemingway ClassicNice Ash CigarsA
10/04/2015Rocky Patel Edge FumasCigarBidCLoose leaf fell apart.
10/05/2015Room 101 SACigarbidB
10/06/2015A. Fuente Hemingway ClassicNice Ash CigarsA
10/06/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/07/2015Rocky Patel Edge SumatraNice Ash CigarsA
10/08/2015Drew Estates Undercrown ShadeCigars InternationalBI like the original better.
10/09/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarBidA
10/10/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/10/2015A. Fuente 858Bar in Kansas CityA
10/11/2015JM SumatraVendorB
10/12/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/13/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/10/2015JM SumatraVendorB
10/14/2015Drew Estates Undercrown Corona Doble - 178mmx54Don't RememberAFreaking huge cigar.
10/15/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigarbidA
10/16/2015A. Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8Cigar PageA
10/16/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/17/2015Drew Estates TabakCigarbidA
10/17/2015Rocky Patel Edge SumatraNice Ash CigarsA
10/17/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/18/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidA
10/18/2015La Aurora 107 AnniversarioWon at CigarnivalB
10/19/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/20/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsB
10/20/2015Rocky Patel 1992 2ndCigar BidA
10/21/2015Perdomo FrescoVendorBGood smoke. Lighter than I like.
10/22/2015A. Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8Cigar PageA
10/25/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidA
10/25/2015JM NicaraguaNice Ash CigarsBWhile listening to the Chiefs win.
10/25/2015Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short StoryCigar PageA
10/26/2015Rocky Patel Prohibition MexicoCigar BidCDidn't live up to expectations.
10/27/2015JM CorojoNice Ash CigarsB
10/28/2015A. Fuente Hemingway ClassicCigar PageA
10/29/20151875 Romeo Y JulietaDon't rememberA
10/30/2015A. Fuente ChateauVendorASmoked at Morts
10/31/2015Drew Estates Tabak Corona NegraCigar BidA
10/31/2015Perdoma Fresco Toro NaturalVendorBWhile listening to the Royals World Series Game
11/01/2015Drew Estates Tabak DulceSome Cigar PlaceAWhile listening to the Chiefs beat the Lions in London
11/01/2015Gran Habano Vintage 2002CigarbidC
11/02/2015La Herencia CubanaCigarbidBThis is one of the first cigars I purchased. It's been sitting in my humidor for years.
11/03/2015Rocky Patel 1992Don't RememberASmoked in the garage while marking up drawings.
11/04/2015La Aurora E. LeonCigarfestB
11/05/2015Rocky Patel OceanAtlantic CigarA
11/06/2015Rocky Patel DecadeDon't RememberA
11/06/2015A. Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8Cigar PageA
11/07/2015Drew Estate Tabak DulceCigar SomeplaceA
11/08/2015Rocky Patel Ocean ClubAtlantic CigarA
11/08/2015Rocky Patel 1992Cigar BidA
11/08/2015J. Fuego 777Atlantic CigarARunning out of these.

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