Shelly’s Back Room Article in the Washington Business Journal

The May 17th, 2013, issue of the Washington Business Journal has an interesting article about Shelly’s Back Room. Shelly’s Back Room is located at 1331 F St. NW in DC and is a few blocks from the White House. Shelly’s Back Room has been around for years and is one of only two cigar bars remaining in DC after the no smoking ban was implemented. Here’s a nice description of Shelly’s from their website:

“Shelly’s Back Room is one of a kind in Washington, DC, a comfortable retreat for cigar aficionados and those who simply want to unwind. Our casual but elegant space features soft lighting, cozy couches and over-stuffed chairs.Shelly’s Back Room is a cigar-friendly establishment, but our state of the art air-purification system keeps the atmosphere comfortable for smokers and non-smokers alike. Sit back and enjoy yourself while chatting with friends or watching one of our 8 high-definition TVs.”

The article is a question and answer session with the owner, Bob Materazzi, who bought the cigar bar in 2000 from Shelly. Materazzi has grown the business to over $2.8 million in revenue in 2012. Shelly’s Back Room has a varied clientele including sports stars, politicians, and regular joes like you and me.

Shelly’s is a great place to visit with an excellent ventilation system, great bar food, and a decent list of cigars. Shelly’s Back Room can get pretty busy on Friday and Saturday nights. Lunch is a great time to visit. Wear your blue jeans or your business attire as the place is open to all cigar smokers.

You can find the article here.



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