Cigarnival 2015 Cigar Reviews

In June 2015, Smokey Butts, myself, my son little c.gar, and his best friend Ben-Jammin attended Cigarnival 2015 in Easton, PA. At this two day event, we received over 75 cigars each. As a refresher for our readers, CigarIntel is NOT a cigar review site. There are dozens of other sites focused on cigar reviews and they do a great job of it. However, just for fun, Smokey Butts and I decided to create a down and dirty cigar review spreadsheet to document our views on the cigars we received at Cigarnival.

We rate each cigar just like grades we received in school. A to F with A being the best and F, well suck city. Also, we make a few unadulterated notes about the cigar. This is a living post as it will take us a couple of weeks to smoke all 75 cigars we received. OK, maybe six months if we get lazy. Keep an eye on this post so you can see as we progress through our plethora of cigars. Enjoy!

Date SmokedCigar Brand and NameWebsiteReviewerGradeNotes
07/09/15262 Allegiance262 Cigarsc.garARandomly chose another cigar from 262. Awesome smoke. I never heard of this company before but I will add this cigar to my humidor.
07/08/15262 Revere262 Cigarsc.garBCrazy lonsdale size that I usually do not like. Very good cigar.
08/11/15A CropFabrica PDR Cigarsc.garB-Pretty tasty bargain priced cigar.
07/19/15A. Fuente Gran Reserva RothschildSmokey ButtsAHeaven.....
09/21/15Aging Room Maduro ButtsCA little too strong for my tastes.
07/09/16Alec Bradley Classic BlendSmokey ButtsA+Fantastic cigar. I can't believe I waited so many years to try these.
08/10/15Amos de Santiago Triple WrapPuros de Santiago Cigarsc.garBInteresting taste with the three wrappers.
04/16/16Arturo Fuente Rosado Gran ReservaArturo Fuente Web Sitec.garAGreat cigar. Pretty mild but damn good!
04/23/16Arturo Fuente Rosado Gran ReservaArturo Fuente Web SiteSmokey ButtsAGreat cigar. A little too mild for my tastes.
04/17/16Aurora 1495 SeriesSmokey ButtsDDidn't really like it.
07/18/15AVO Classic No. 3Avo CigarsSmokey ButtsCFine cigar. Nothing good or bad to report.
09/11/16Avo Classic No. 3Avo Cigarsc.garBNice cigar.
08/01/15Brick HouseBrick House CigarsSmokey ButtsFFreaking gross. Licking a cats ass might have tasted better.
08/14/16Camacho EcuadorCamacho CigarsSmokey ButtsFTastes like crap and wouldn't stay lit.
09/21/16Camacho EcuadorCamacho Cigarsc.garFI am not a fan of Camacho cigars. They are way too strong for my girlish taste buds.
08/13/16CAO ColumbiaSmokey ButtsDNot a fan. Had a weird taste.
08/13/16Casa MagnaSmokey ButtsCDecent
07/25/16Cohiba Red DotCohibac.garBI forgot how strong these are. Good cigar but strap on your big boy pants before smoking.
07/07/15CubacananSmokey ButtsCOK. Light Smoke. I'd smoke more if you gave them to me but I would not spend my money on them.
07/13/16CubacananSmokey ButtsBPretty good smoke.
07/08/15Don Pepin Garcia Cuban ClassicMy Father CigarsSmokey ButtsBCut with Swiss Army knife. Lit with JetLine dual flame Zippo insert. Nice cigar. I would smoke again. Rolled a little too tight and challenging draw. Hopefully, just a fluke.
08/14/15Dram Cask no. 3Dram Cigarsc.garB+At first I thought this was a loser. Really strong and kicked my ass. After about five minutes, it mellowed out a bit. Nice flavors.
09/18/16Dram Cigars Cask No. 2Dram Cigarsc.garC+I liked this cigar. Beautiful wrapper. Kicked my ass. Need to come off of this hight. Spicy!
07/10/15Duran Azan Maduro Natural LineDuran Cigarsc.garCOK. Strange taste throughout. Won't buy one of these again.
07/10/15E.P. Carrillo E-Stunner BrahmanE.P. Carrilloc.garFI love E.P. Carrillo and his story. I want to love this cigar but it is so damn full bodied that I can't handle it. I made it through a third before giving it up and washing my mouth out with Listerine.
07/16/15East India Classic Havana BlendGurkha CigarsSmokey ButtsFThis cigar started off horrible and then turned to just bad. Couldn't even make it half way.
08/15/15East India Classic Havana BlendGurkha Cigarsc.garB-I had no idea this was made by Gurkha. I generally don't like Gurkhas but this one was good. The cigar band is too small, however. They should make it larger to cover the entire cigar.
03/29/16El Centurion by My Father CigarsMy Father CigarsSmokey ButtsAOMG!!! Heaven
Update: I loved these so much I bought a box. I plan to always have a box on hand.
03/28/16El Centurion by My Fathers CigarsMy Father Cigarsc.garAFantastic cigar!
08/16/15El Galan Reserva EspecialEl Galan CigarsSmokey ButtsDNot very good. Gave up half way.
06/27/16El Galan Reserva EspecialEl Galan Cigarsc.garB+Very good cigar. Lots of smoke. Interesting box press. Smokey was smoking crack when he smoked this cigar!
07/06/15El SueloEl Suelo cigarsSmokey ButtsAVery good smoke, would buy more.
07/01/16El SueloEl Suelo cigarsc.garBPretty tasty. Interesting flavors. Nice boutique cigar.
07/08/16El SueloEl Suelo cigarsSmokey ButtsA-I've had these before and loved them. This one gets a minus because the cigar wrapper sort of blew up the last 1/4 of the cigar.
06/29/16EP CarrilloSmokey ButtsBPretty good smoke. I'd smoke these again.
07/15/15Espinosa 601 SteelEspinosa CigarsSmokey ButtsBI really liked this smoke. Strong without being to over powering. I would have given it an A but the cap look like it was put on by a 3rd grader with only one arm.
07/15/15Espinosa 601 SteelEspinosa Cigarsc.garBThis one was a bit strong but I liked it. Unlike Smokey Butts, I am sympathetic to one armed 3rd graders. Everyone needs a job. A bit too strong for me to give it an A but I am sure the full bodied lovers will, well, love this cigar.
03/27/16Espinosa HabanoEspinosa Habano Cigarc.garDWay to strong. Just about killed me.
07/29/16Espinosa Hecho En La ZonaSmokey ButtsCNot very good.
08/13/16Flor de Gonzalez SpectralFlor de Gonzalez Cigarsc.garB+Never heard of this cigar. Pretty tasty.
08/07/15Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary Reserva LimitadaFlores y Rodriguezc.garBNice smoke.
03/26/16Four KicksFour Kicksc.garB+Smooth and silky. Great cigar.
07/14/15G.A.R. OpiumSmokey ButtsDNot horrible. Not great. If you sent me another one I'd give it away.
09/02/16G.A.R. Opium S.E.Where the heck is their website?c.garBNice cigar.
07/10/16Garcia & Vega English CoronaSmokey ButtsCI was expecting this to be totally horrible and just throw it away 1/4 of the way through. It wasn't terribly bad.
05/30/16Gran Habano Gran Reserva #3 2009c.garBI like this cigar. A bit of a bitter taste in the middle third but otherwise a good cigar.
08/03/15Gran Reserva Gran Habano 2009Smokey ButtsCNot so bad I'd throw it out but had weird after taste.
03/22/16H Upmann LegacyH Upmann Official Websitec.garCAfter a long hiatus from Cigarnival cigars, I'm back and this cigar is too strong for me. Kicked my butt.
04/22/16H Upmann OriginalH Upmann Cigarsc.garB+Great cigar. Love it! Smooth as a baby's bottom.
07/05/16H. Upmann The BankerSmokey ButtsB-I liked it enough that I'd smoke more if they were free.
07/10/15Hecho a Mano VegaFinaSmokey ButtsCBoring. Not bad, not great, just boring.
07/12/15J. Fuego HeatSmokey ButtsB-c.gar and I spoke to the J. Fuego rep and complained about the 777 Corojo being discontinued. He suggested the Heat as a replacement which happened to be what he was giving out. We've both tried the 777 Zero and believe it is like smoking hot air. The Heat is a decent cigar but I would not spend my money on them. BTW: I'm betting c.gar hates it as it's pretty spicey.
08/08/15John Starks #3 SignatureLegend CigarsSmokey ButtsFYou guys know how I hate to agree with c.gar, but this cigar tasted weird as hell. Like smoking an old stump root.
08/07/15John Starks #3 Signature SeriesLegend Cigarsc.garC-Smoked about a 1/4 and gave up. Strange flavors.
08/09/16La Aurora Fernando LeonSmokey ButtsBGood smoke. Got a little funky at the end.
08/22/16La Aurora Fernando Leonc.garBNot a bad cigar. Appears to be discontinued. Ironic.
08/02/15La Floridita Limited EditionLa Floridita Limited Editionc.garBPretty good smoke from this Famous Smoke exclusive.
07/11/15La Floridita PremiumLa Floridita CigarsSmokey ButtsBI've had this before and they are always good cigars. This one did not disappoint.
08/09/15La Floridita Premium NaturalLa Floridita Cigarsc.garBThis is a very good smoke. Medium. Nice flavors.
07/24/15La Gloria Cubana Serie RFLa Gloria CubanoSmokey ButtsABest new cigar I've had in a long time.
06/05/16La Gloria Cubano Serie RFLa Gloria Cubanoc.garB+I've smoked a ton of these and they are always fantastic.
08/24/15La Hoja Edicion ClasicaLa Hoja Cigar Company on FacebookSmokey ButtsBI love a nice box pressed cigar. This one was rolled a little too loose.
08/11/16La Hoja Edicion MaduroSmokey ButtsCGood flavor but the damn thing wouldn't stay lit.
04/08/16La Hoja Edicion Maduro 1962La Hoja Cigar Company on Facebookc.garCStrange flavors. Not a winner by a long shot.
07/07/15La Jugada HabanoMoyaRuiz Cigarsc.garFI really hated this one. Smoked 1/3 and gave up. Bitter. Unpleasant.
08/08/15La Jugada HabanoMoyaRuiz CigarsSmokey ButtsFIt might be that the John Starks totally destroyed my taste buds. But if you put an Ecuadorian wrapper on a cow turd it would taste the same as a La Jugada.

Cigar Dojo named this their 2013 cigar of the year?

How is that even possible?

They described it as have a "distinct barnyard aroma".

Was that distinct barnyard aroma cow shit?
03/25/16La Jugada HabanoMoyaRuiz Cigarsc.garBSmoked the second one of these. Gave the last one an F. This one was very good.
08/10/16Luchador by Leccia TobaccoSmokey ButtsAI've had these before and love them. I loved them so much I previously purchased a box which is about to run empty because of this Damn Bet
07/14/15MiroSmokey ButtsFHorrible. Threw it out halfway.
05/17/16Nat Sherman HostNat Sherman Cigarsc.garBFirst Nat Sherman I've actually liked. Pretty tasty.
07/19/15Nestor Miranda Collection ConnecticutSmokey ButtsBThis was a good smoke. Lighter that I usually like but good all the same.
08/24/16Nestor Miranda Collection ConnecticutMiami Cigar Companyc.garBPretty mild.
08/15/16Nestor Miranda Collection MaduroMiami Cigar Companyc.garB-Not a bad cigar. A tad strong for me but others will definitely like it.
07/12/15Neya Cigar Company F8 Ligero TyphoonSmokey ButtsC+Pretty good smoke.
08/28/16Nub CameroonSmokey ButtsAThis is not my first Nub Cameroon. In fact, I've smoked many boxes of these yummy little fellas.
08/27/16Oliva ConnecticutSmokey ButtsBVery mild and smooth. A little too mild for my tastes.
03/23/16Oliva OSmokey ButtsAI've had these before and loved every one of them.
07/12/15PadronSmokey ButtsAGreat F-ing cigar. Can't go wrong.
06/28/16Partagas 1845Smokey ButtsAGreat smoke. Super strong. Almost knocked me out of my chair.
03/23/16Paul Stulac White Blinding LightSmokey ButtsFTasted like it was soaked in formaldehyde.
08/01/16Paul Stulac White Blinding LightPaul Stulac Cigarsc.garBSmokey hated this one but I thought it was a pretty good cigar. Not formaldehyde taste in the cigar I smoked.
07/16/15PDF A Crop ClaroSmokey ButtsDNot good. Couldn't even finish it.
08/19/16PDR Cigars PDR 1878 MaduroPDR Cigarsc.garBPretty damn strong but great flavors.
07/12/15Perdomo 20th AnniversaryPerdomo Cigarsc.garBThis is a really good cigar. A little too strong for me to get an A. Consistent throughout. Great taste.
07/13/15Perdomo 20th AnniversaryPerdomo CigarsSmokey ButtsA+F-ing great cigar. Go buy one of these now. Don't wait. Go buy it now unless you're a light weight like c.gar.
04/17/16Perdomo 20th AnniversaryPerdomo Cigarsc.garCNot my favorite. I had high expectations. No such luck.
07/11/16Perdomo 20th AnniversaryPerdomo CigarsSmokey ButtsA+Freaking fantastic.
07/11/16Perla Del MarPerla Del Marc.garBNice cigar. Relatively mild.
08/08/16Perla Del Mar by Tobaccos SuperiorsSmokey ButtsBGood smoke.
07/12/16Placeres ReservaSmokey ButtsB+Nice medium/heavy bodied smoke.
04/22/16Punch SignaturePunch Cigarsc.garDBall buster. Too strong for my liking by a long shot.
03/27/16Quesada OktoberfestQuesada Oktoberfest Cigarc.garBNice smoke. High end of Medium.
08/02/16Rocky Patel DecadeSmokey ButtsA+I should have given it an F for Fantastic.
07/11/15Rocky Patel Prohibition MexicanSmokey ButtsAFreaking great cigar. Not worth the price but still a freaking great cigar.
10/04/15Rocky Patel Prohibition MexicanSmokey ButtsB+Solid strong smoke.
07/09/15Room 101 ChingnonRoom 101 WebsiteSmokey ButtsA60x6.5 Great F-ing cigar.
09/11/16Room 101 ChingonRoom 101 Chingonc.garC+Famous Smoke exclusive cigar from Room 101. Not bad. Not memorable.
09/21/16Room Room MaduroAging Roomc.garBThis one was pretty strong but I enjoyed the flavors and complexity.
07/27/15Sabor de Esteli by Noel RojasSmokey ButtsCBelow Average
07/17/15San Cristobal RevelationSmokey ButtsAGreat cigar. If I had to pick one issue with this cigar it would be the ring gauge. I don't like cigars this large.
07/14/16San Latano Oval by A.J. FernandexSmokey ButtsC+Decent.
08/14/15Tatuaje TattooSmokey ButtsB-Nice flavor, horrible draw.
07/06/16The Judge by J. FuegoSmokey ButtsA-I judge this to be a great cigar. Pretty strong so some people won't like it.
07/02/16Torano Vault Blend D-042Smokey ButtsB+Good strong cigar. If it had maintained the burn line it would have been an A.
07/10/16Triple Wrapper Amos de Santiago ButtsB+I totally agree with the Amos website. This cigar is very smooth and creamy.
07/20/15Vega Fina NicaraguaVega Fina Cigarsc.garCA strange tasting cigar. Really strange. Can't describe it but I would not smoke it again.
08/08/15Villiger ColoradoVilliger Cigarsc.garBI am shocked. This cigar is pretty darn good. Not what I expected from a Villiger.
08/02/15White ChapelEvil Genius Cigars White Chapelc.garDFull bodied ass kicker. Reminds me of my first marriage in a white chapel. Pass.
08/28/16White ChapelEvil Genius Cigars White ChapelSmokey ButtsCSeemed a little light to me. c.gar needs his taste buds checked.



c.gar loves all things cigar-related. He typically falls in love with cigars that are discontinued shortly thereafter. His first cigar was a Swisher Sweet with a wood tip. Sadly, these are still in production.

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