Cigar Intel Website Redesign

Well, after a lot of fighting, kicking, and screaming we’ve redesigned the Cigar Intel website. You know how brothers are.  I want green, c.gar wants blue.  I say up, c.gar says down. I like women, c.gar….

(c.gar Comment: Actually, Smokey Butts wanted pink and fuchsia but I had to draw the line somewhere. As far as liking women. . . my next wife will be a man with two Lazy Boys, an 80″ big screen TV, beer fridge, and more cigars than I have. Oh, and he has to like the NFL. And, of course, no man touching.)

Anyways, we’ve spent a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears redesigning this website.  And of course, we smoked a lot of cigars while doing it.

Please head on over and take a look.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

If you have suggestions for improvements or just think it sucks.  We’re men, we can take it.

Well, I can take it.  c.gar will probably cry like a little bitch if you’re too harsh but he needs to toughen up.

(c.gar Comment: Stop picking on me, bro, or I’ll tell mom.)

Smokey Butts

Smokey Butts'

Smokey Butts'

Smokey Butts is Cool. He smokes a shit ton of cigars.

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