CigarFest 2010 Pancake Breakfast

On Sunday, May 2nd, CigarFest held a Pancake Breakfast at Cigars Internationals’ Superstore in Bethlehem, PA.  As a bit of background, the CI Superstore is a huge retail outlet run by CI, the sponsors of CigarFest.  Smokey Butts and I drove the roughly 50 minutes from CigarFest at the Split Rock Resort, Harmony, PA to the CI Superstore.  The store had a number of people already there when we arrived around 10:30 am.  We quickly entered the room for the Pancake Breakfast which is a new room built after CigarFest 2009.  Inside was a lone CI employee making pancakes for the masses.  The best part–he was smoking a cigar while cooking.  Free ash in every pancake!  No, I’m not complaining; it was pretty cool.  We grabbed a couple of pancakes and sat down.  Sadly, CigarFest really let down the attendees with this event.  Yes, it was billed as a pancake breakfast, but unfortunately, that is pretty much what they had–pancakes, syrup, coffee, and juice.  Not much of a breakfast.  If you wanted butter with your pancakes like, I don’t know, 100% of America, you were out of luck.  Smokey Butts and I enjoyed a nice cigar while eating breakfast, wandered around the CI Superstore for a while, bought a few cigars, and left.  This event needs some serious work to make it worthwhile to attend.



c.gar loves all things cigar-related. He typically falls in love with cigars that are discontinued shortly thereafter. His first cigar was a Swisher Sweet with a wood tip. Sadly, these are still in production.

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