What Cigar Do I Have? Part 2: Arturo Fuente Special Selection

How the hell do you know what Arturo Fuente cigar that you have? In Part 2 of our multi-part series, we shed light on the Arturo Fuente Special Selection cigar. We aligned our secret decoder ring to figure this out. Please note that this post is a work in progress. Fuente does not make it easy to figure this out. If you have better intel than we do on this or see a mistake in our conclusions, let us know! We’ll fix it. And, hey Fuente Family, check our work and correct us if we are wrong!

Arturo Fuente Brands

Arturo Fuente sells the following cigar brands as of the date on this post. As we release the remaining parts to this series, we will link to the applicable post.

– Anejo
– Angel’s Share
– Casa Cuba
– Chateau Fuente
– Destina Al Siglo
– Don Carlos
– Especiales
– Fuente Fuente Opus X
– God of Fire
– Gran Reserva
– Hemingway
– Magnum R
Special Selection

Arturo Fuente Special Selection

This brand is an oddball. It is not shown on the Arturo Fuente website. I have no idea why but I am guessing it is because the brand is at the bottom of their price range and they would prefer you buy cigars at the higher end of the range. I had to piece this post  together from various sites and visits to multiple cigar shops. Even the Arturo Fuente official catalog does not mention the Special Selection. The cigar is made from medium-cut fillers left over from the manufacture of Fuente’s premium lines.

Here’s a few pictures of the cigar from the most recent purchase I made:

Arturo Fuente Special Selection
Arturo Fuente Special Selection


Arturo Fuente Special Selection Band
Arturo Fuente Special Selection Band


Arturo Fuente Special Selection
Arturo Fuente Special Selection

Thompson Cigar has the following to say about the Curly Head Deluxe cigar, one of the Special Selection sizes:

“The Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Natural Lonsdale is a high quality, mild to medium bodied cigar with a much lower price than other fine Lonsdales created by the same manufacturer. The Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe costs less than other Fuente masterpieces because they aren’t crafted with their own, select recipe. Instead, the quality filler tobacco used in this excellent cigar comes from a variety of fillers that are used in several other series of Arturo Fuente cigars. A natural wrapper is used in combination with that fine Dominican tobacco to create a Lonsdale that produces a long-lasting, top shelf cigar smoking experience. The fact that these cigars use a variety of tobaccos that go into other Fuente cigars doesn’t diminish their high quality standards by any means. They have to pass through the same strict quality controls as other A. Fuente cigars before reaching the box and make for a premium, Lonsdale experience for an excellent low price.”


– Cigar Origin; Dominican Republic
– Wrapper: USA Connecticut Shade/USA Connecticut Broadleaf
– Binder: Dominican Republic
– Filler: Dominican Republic


NameLengthRing Size
Brevas It's A Boy and Brevas It's A Girl5 1/2"42
Brevas Royale Maduro5 1/2"42
Brevas Royale Natural5 1/2"42
Cazadores 6"50
Cubanitos Natural4 1/2"32
Curly Head Claro6 1/2"43
Curly Head Deluxe Maduro6 1/2"43
Curly Head Deluxe Natural6 1/2"43
Curly Head Natural6 1/2"43




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