Cigar Event: Puro Sabor Nicaragua 2016

Not so much an excursion as an event, the Puro Sabor Cigar Festival is held in Nicaragua starting January 12th.


  • The 5th year of the event.
  • 3 days and nights
  • 7 farms

Here’s the Intel from the Puro Sabor website:

Nicaragua, specially Estelí (known as tobacco’s capital city), offers you a warm hug of “Puro Sabor” as a reward for deciding to come to the 5th International Tobacco Festival, from January 12th to the 16th.


As you arrive to our country, you will be welcomed in the airport´s VIP lounge. From there, you will be driven to the festival’s hotels in Managua for registration and you will receive exciting promotional products designed specially for the event.


(Culture, history, art and flavors: pairings of Tobacco and Rum and an equestrian show).

Within the first hour, we will travel to Chichigalpa, the cradle town for the best Nicaraguan rum and world class brand, Flor de Caña. Later on during the day we will visit farm El Rosario, which offers a suitable environment to enjoy a paring of tobacco and Centenario Rum with 18 year of ageing and we will be delighted with an equestrian Spanish show.

To close the day with a perfect final, we will head to our venue hotel to experience what we have entitled “Puro Humo”, the best tasting night ever.


Our country’s North Region awaits for you and in its heart, the beautiful Estelí, “tobacco’s capital city”.

We will have lunch in front of a gorgeous panoramic view at the Tavicusa factory plantations, where the Rocky Patel brand comes to life. Here you will enjoy a lively exchange with the tobacco industry’s protagonists.

Afterwards, a grand tour of the factories where the best Nicaraguan cigars are created: AJ Fernandez, Drew Estate Tobacco Company S.A, Joya de Nicaragua, My Father, Nicaraguan American Cigars S.A, Oliva Cigars, Padrón, Pensa, Plasencia, Procenicsa, and Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

As night falls, the traditional White Party will begin. This is a joyful and traditional Trova Music Night, where you will have the chance to wear the festival’s official guayabera shirt, produced by Nicaraguan hands.


We will begin the morning touring the majestic plantations of the region, engaging directly with the growing process of the tobacco plant. Lunch will be specially scented! It will take place in a site that is one step away from where talented Nicaraguan hands ensemble cigars.

For the evening we have prepared a pleasant talk with Nicaraguan tobacco legends so that you can learn about the history of the country’s cigar pioneers, new market trends and the economy of the industry.

At night, the fabulous Dinner Gala will take place, the ideal showcase for the elegance and pride of our tobacco industry.  We will auction special products designed exclusively for this festival, with the goal of supporting the most needed population of Estelí.

You will take away with you the aroma of a great tobacco nation and the esteem of an industry with a rich history, high quality levels and a true human face.

We are counting on you! Come and experience the best of the International Tobacco Festival Puro Sabor 2016.

Learn more here.

We’ve never attending this event but are hoping to attend in 2017.

-Smokey Butts’

Smokey Butts'

Smokey Butts'

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