5 Cigars to Smoke During the Trump Presidency

Here are our picks for the 5 Cigars to Smoke During the Trump Presidency. Whether you lean left or right, or Democrat or Republican, we can all enjoy a cigar during the Trump Presidency. I know, some of you think he is a ()(*#$# and will screw up our country. And, some of you think he is the leader we need to get the country back on track. Lucky for us, this is not a political site and all views are welcome, as long as there is a lit cigar and perhaps a fine beverage.

These are our picks; if you have your own recommendations, please let us know via the comment box below.

Full Disclosure: If you purchase cigars using some of the links provided, Cigar Intel makes a few pennies to help pay for our site. I’d like to say that we are getting rich with this site but it is simply a labor of love.

5. Macanudo Gold Label Crystal

Why is this one number five on our list? Why is this cigar on our list? Because Trump loves gold. From his 24k gold toilet seat handles to his gold colored hair. Hopefully, he even has a 24k gold cigar cutter. This is a limited-edition cigar with a golden Connecticut shade wrapper. The filler is Cuban-seed Dominican and Mexican. If you want to smoke a smooth cigar with a smooth operator like Trump, this cigar is for you.

Macanudo Gold Label Crystal

Macanudo Gold Label Crystal

4. General Grant

General Grant smoked cigars all day, every day and he was our 18th President. He also spoke one of the great cigar quotes of all time: “Cheap cigars come in handy; they stifle the odor of cheap politicians.” Sounds like a great cigar to smoke while Trump “drains the swamp.” Here’s what Cigars International has to say about the cigar: “Few things scream America like this new red, white, and blue beauty by the name of General Grant. These handcrafted, freehand-style cigars pay homage to old American traditions of cigar making. This shape, when crafted with rich Central American tobaccos leads to a smooth flavorful smoke that’s perfect for any time of day. If you’re looking to impress your buddies on the golf course, keep looking. But if you’re in search of an everyday handmade with great flavor and a ridiculously low per-stick price, General Grant’s right in your wheelhouse.” Here’s a video from Cigars International describing the cigar. It ain’t a pretty cigar but then again, neither is Trump.

General Grant

3. Nat Sherman Metropolitan Selection Tycoon Maduro

Rumor has it that when he is not smoking Cuban cigars, Rudy Giuliani smokes Nat Sherman cigars. While Giuliani has declined a role in the new Trump administration as of the date of this post, he helped Trump win the election. And if we get really luck, Giuliani will have some influence over the new the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FUFDA) and he will promptly eliminate the crazy ass rules they put in place regarding premium cigars. C’mon Rudy, help us out! Handmade in the Dominican Republic, this cigar is a medium bodied.

Nat Sherman Metropolitan Selection Tycoon Maduro

2. Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Torpedo

It ain’t gold like the three gold crowns President Elect Trump has in his mouth but it is the next best thing. Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Torpedo cigars are medium to full bodied cigars made with a more complex blend than the gold banded 1959 Edition. These cigars are draped in Criollo wrappers married to a rich combination of Honduran, Mexican, and Costa Rican filler tobaccos. The result is a very spicy, yet smooth smoke with traces of dark caramel, citrus and cedar that captures the essence of the best ‘pre-embargo’ Cuban cigars.

Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Torpedo
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Torpedo

1. 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo

Trump likely has rooms full of gold bars just in case the U.S. financial system crashes during his tenure and we are forced to trade in precious metals. Let’s hope he also has boxes of 5 Vegas Gold cigars. The box mimics the gold bars Trump has stashed throughout the world. The 5 Vegas Gold is made with 5-year aged long fillers beneath a slick Ecuadorian wrapper, these mild-to-medium bodied handmade sticks boast nutty notes with a touch of spice and an immaculate creamy smoothness. Packaged in “gold brick” style boxes of 20, 5 Vegas Gold is a great smoke for fans of easy-going flavor.

5 Vegas Gold Torpedo – 6 x 54-Box of 20

And that wraps up our list of the 5 Cigars to Smoke During the Trump Presidency. Special Note for President Elect Trump. . . Feel free to tweet about us! We’d love the publicity!



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